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If you found some Records, please give me the Feste Number (Fixed Number)

Hello and Welcome,
In this web side I try to make up a space for collectors of 78 records. The actual Auktionlist you will find on the Page Auktion.
You can find some records, available for a fixed price. The records are from my collection or from collector friends. If you will find some records, please order by Referenznumber.
Also you can find Information about the scene. That means for example dates of collectormeetings and things like that. If you want to give some information in it, please contact me.
In Katalog you will find the records. The categories mean:
Kleinkunst: German Singing,, Rezitation, Cabaret and so on
Tanzmusik: Only German Dancemusic and Jazz
Fünfziger: German Music from the Fifties
Girl Singers: Female singers from all over the world, most English and American
Zeitgeschichte: Militäry music and historic accoustic documents.
Sonstiges: Labels, Judaika Specials and so on.
For every record you will find two numbers the first for optic and the second for acoustic condition. In the case the acoustic Number is more bad, the sound is not so good like we can see . For example a record is 2- / 3+ that means good conditions but it makes a bit background sound.
2 Not used only one ore two times
- the pleasure of every Collector
+ Normal used
3 not grey normally
+ Very often used
4 Grey
5 For Documentation but it runs
No Background-Sound
Background-Sound but good to hear
All sorts of Background Sound
But to understand
6 Documentation do not run
+ with Singing, for Example. F+ F - Foxtrot sF - Slowfox Ser - Serenade Be - Beguine Cha Chanson T - Tango Bl - Blues W - Walzer Sa - Samba Ch - Charleston R - Rumba Psd - Pasodoble P - Polka Ml - Marschlied - March Ts -Twostep Os - Onestep Qs - Quickstep L - Lied Sh - Shimmy Boo - Boogie Woogie Rs - Randschaden nicht in Rille - Edgedamage not in groove Ls - Labelschaden groß oder klein - Labeldamage big or little Nlf - Nadelläufer -nicht hörbar - Needlerunner not to hear Scr - Scratch - to hear lscr - little scratch not to hear hcr - haircrack Lam-Hcr Laminatetd haircrack for Example at american Columbias, normaly no Problem cr Crack Nl - Needlehole kl - klein - little gr - Groß - big Fst - Fehlstelle z.B. Dreck in Rille - little dirty point or something like that Bl - Blase - bubble Vsch - Verschmutzung dirt / mud hrb - hörbar - to hear 4x how often you hear a little sound for example in a Needlehole Nl o. scr Nk - Nachkrieg - Afterwar pressing from a postwar recording especcially in German Dancemusik.
I will send records direkt after paying in Euro. For Postage and package material I take 9.- Euro in Germany and to foreign Countrys the full postage/shipping and 3.- Euro for package material. Paying only in Advance.